Help us ensure the children we serve have enough to eat

Many of our children with disabilities do not get enough food to eat. One of our goals is to make sure each child attending our programs get at least one full protein meal a day.



Most weeks we feed the children porridge made with maize and groundnut flours. One week a month we feed them the staple food of Malawi, Nsima, which is a maize dumpling which we serve with vegetables and soya pieces or beans. Until July we received 3000 kilograms of porridge a month from an organization for free. Now we have to buy the porridge which is an expense we did not expect. Help us raise the money we need to feed our children with disabilities one meal a day.

Help malnourished children receive the nutrition they need for their future health and growth

250 of our children with disabilities are also malnourished. This is a big problem in Malawi. COBT screens all our children to make sure all who are malnourished get help! We weigh the children and find out how tall they are. We measure their middle upper arm circumference to find out who needs help. The moderate to severely malnourished children are provided with Chiponde, a fortified Peanut Butter Paste and all our malnourished children are provided 4.5 kilograms of maize soya porridge to eat at home every 2 weeks. This porridge costs us $3000 ever month. Help us raise the money we need to provide our children with disabilities the porridge they need to grow and be healthy. Make a donation  at

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