Happy Kids!Please consider donating to Thrive Malawi to celebrate our 1st Anniversary (March 6th)!  So far we have raised $30,000 thanks to 37 donors and the many supporters who raised $10,000 from 5 successful events!  We have helped hundreds of kids with therapy, a daily meal and special food for malnourished children!  Help us raise $45,000 this year!  

 It is easy to donate simply click on the donate button on this website or mail a cheque to Thrive Malawi at 2485 Folkestone Way, West Vancouver B.C. V7S3J1.

 Events are also a great way to raise money for Thrive Malawi!  In the last year our dedicated volunteers worked hard to hold the Thrive Malawi Nursery Benefit (selling plants) and the Gordon Mote Concert!  We were thrilled to gain the support of the Saanichton Bible Society who dedicated their Christmas Eve and Valentine’s Day collections to Thrive Malawi!  We also took advantage of Kathy Bowler’s visit to Canada last summer to hold an information session with interested supporters! 

We know that the money we raise is making a meaningful difference in the lives of children in Malawi.  These kids are just 2 of the hundreds who have benefited from the money we have raised!  Help us to make sure that the services so critical to their future success continue to be available. 

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