CoBT’s provides a holistic approach to helping kids with disabilities; in the update below Kathy talks about how kids receive multiple personalized services that help them to build a brighter future for themselves.

Tiyankhulenji Alick 27352Tereza comes from Mngwangwa, a twenty kilometer walk from our centre in Area 25. She attends our Preschool on a regular basis. She is also able to receive physiotherapy and nutrition assistance while at school. Tereza is able to stand and walk with her walking frame and is working on learning how to walk by herself! She always has such a beautiful smile.

Elizabeth Banda 34518Lisa is growing up into a beautiful young girl! She has overcome so much and is now moving on with her life. Lisa is now in Standard 2 at school. Last year she started walking a couple of steps by herself. Now she is gaining strength and endurance so that she can walk longer distances by herself.


Alinafe Kaoloka 27431Alice comes from our Kauma Outreach Clinic. Initially she came to the Outreach Clinic to learn how to walk. Now she is able to walk independently. She still has some struggles with her speech and language. She comes faithfully to speech therapy on Mondays. The rest of the week she attends school in her Kauma. She is in Standard 1.

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