The theme of this update is working with Partners to improve the physical abilities of kids so they can attend school and focus on their learning experience rather than their disability.

Picture1-1Nellie was burned at a very early age and the fire affected both her feet. She was able to walk very short distances but was in a lot of pain. Her toes were bent backwards towards her ankles and were fused. COBT was able to take Nellie to see the orthopedic surgeons at CURE Hospital in Blantyre. She has had two surgeries to correct the position of her feet. Her foot position is much improved now and she is in a lot less pain. In September 2015 Nellie was able to start school.

Picture2-1Kerry had an orthopedic problem with his legs. He was seen by the orthopedic surgeon from the CURE Hospital in Blantyre and was able to have surgery. He attends therapy and preschool. Kerry is now starting to walk on his own and can take a few steps independently. He walks very fast with his walking frame for longer distances.

Picture3-1Eunice has both a physical disability and a hearing impairment. She initially started receiving therapy to help her to learn how to walk. Once she was ready she was given a walking frame. She walked independently with a walking frame for a year. This year she started walking on her own. She is now attending the Sign language program and is preparing to go to MUA School for the Deaf for an assessment.

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