Our Impact

Thrive Malawi Fundraising Goal

Our goal in 2017 is to raise $45,000 in order to deliver the following services by working in partnership with Kathy Bowler and COBT.

The COBT client base: Over 2232 children have been registered since inception.

Year New Children Registered
2008 250
2009 230
2010 127
2011 328
2012 200
2013 283
2014 259
2015 275
2016  308

Rehabilitation Services: Physiotherapy, Occupational and Speech therapy

These services are available at the main centre in Area 25 as well as at the Integrated Preschool, Special Education Program and Outreach clinics.

MBSchroeder_COBT2014_-94The Outreach clinics provide therapy services in 11 rural communities so that the children living in these villages can attend therapy twice a week.  In 2016 Outreach Clinics will be held in Mbabvi, Nambuma, Chitukula, Kauma, Mgwangwa, Njewa, Lumbadzi, Mchezi, Daeyang Luke Hospital, ABC Community Clinic, Nsalu and Mtandire.

Children receiving therapy 2016
Rehabilitation Program 360
Occupational Therapy Program 120
Speech Therapy Program 60
Outreach Clinics Therapy Program 441
Qualified Staff

Kathy Bowler Download Kathy’s Resume

3 Rehab Technicians
1 Physiotherapist
1 Occupational Therapist
1 Communications Disorders Technician
1 Sign Language Instructor

Orthopaedic Clinic

Enables children access to an orthopedic surgeon and surgery if needed.

Specialized Equipment

MBSchroeder_COBT2014_-120Provides the parents and their children with the equipment they need to carry out therapy at home. Funding is required to purchase the raw materials to make special chairs, pillows, arm wraps, walking frames, wheelchairs and other pieces of equipment such as harnesses and seatbelts.  The Equipment Loan Program also purchases ankle foot orthoses, spinal braces and prosthetic limbs.

Year Total Recipients Total Pieces of Equipment Recipients of Wheelchairs Total Recipients of Orthotics & Prosthetics Number of Orthotics & Prosthetics
2008 56 151
2009 105 292 43 50 74
2010 109 239 8 23 47
2011 161 420 8 70 120
2012 122 221 57 124
2013 92 169 6 n/a n/a
2014 155 242 24 22 n/a
2015 143 329 8 39 46
2016 102 95 3 27 47

Epilepsy Clinics in partnership with local Doctors

Provides children and adults with Epilepsy consultation with a doctor and access to epilepsy medication twice a month.  COBT partners with the Lilongwe District Health Office (DHO) and whenever possible receives the medication free from them.  Transportation costs to come to the clinic are also covered.  In 2016 clinics were held as well at 8 Outreach Clinics.

COBT Epilepsy Clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Epilepsy Clinic
Year Patients
2008 82
2009 160
2010 280
2011 365
2012 244
2013 315
2014 310
2015 435
2016 602

Nutrition Support to help Children achieve their expected weight

Provides malnourished children with the assistance they need to increase their weight through provision of maize soya porridge and chiponde (fortified peanut butter paste).  Malnourished children are weighed and height and MUAC (middle upper arm circumference) measurements are taken biweekly.  Maize soya porridge is given to all children under weight for their age.  Children with a MUAC of 12 cm or under or who have lost weight or have edema will be given chiponde as well. 

Nutrition programme hanging scale
Year Children
2009 90
2010 167
2011  309
2012 190
2013 525
2014 537
2015 679
2016 1451

Integrated Preschool

Provides quality preschool education for children with disabilities and their able-bodied peers. The school operates from a house acquired by COBT in 2011 and at all 11 existing Outreach Clincs.

MBSchroeder_COBT2014_-77 Qualified Staff

One Preschool Head Teacher, 2 Preschool teachers and a caregiver deliver preschool services.

2011:  40 children were registered.
2012:  75 children with disabilities and 10 able-bodied children were registered in 2012, daily attendance ranged from 40 to 58.
2013: 194 children registered including between 7 and 10 able-bodied children, daily attendance averaged 45 children, 11 students graduated to elementary school.
2014:  166 children attended preschool.  Children are grouped into those entering preschool and those preparing to enter primary school.

2015:  145 children attended preschool in either the entry level program or the program for entry to primary school.

2016:  405 children attended preschool programs. 197 children attended the main centre for preschool across 3 programs:  preparing for primary school, preschool, behaviour challenge program.  208 children attended preschool at one of 11 Outreach Clinics.

Special Education Program

Provides education services to children struggling in the school system or striving to enter the school system.  Offered by a Teacher with a Diploma for the Learning Impaired and a Teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a minor in Special Education.

4th photo2012:  45 children and youth were registered and daily attendance ranged from 15 to 20.
2013:  100+ children and young adults registered, 30 attending on average every day, 8 children graduated to elementary school.
2014:  131 children were assisted through specialized programs:  preparation to enter the school system, remedial for extra support, Standards 1 to 4, Standards 5 to 8, hearing impaired, visually impaired and behaviour challenged.

2015:  225 children were provided special education through 1 of 5 programs:  Preparation to enter the school system, remedial Standards 1 to 4 and Standards 5 to 8, Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment and Behaviour Challenges.  Services are provided at the main site in Lilongwe (172 children) and new this year through 4 Outreach Clinics (53 children).

2016:  228 children were provided special education through 1 of 7 programs those provided previously and 2 new programs to support school readiness for those too old for preschool.  182 children attended the main centre and 46 one of eleven Outreach Clinics.

The combined demand for the Preschool and the Special Education Program is putting pressure on space and a third house for the Special Education Program is needed.

The Daily Feeding Program

Provides a full protein meal for each child attending our facilities every day.  We serve a variety of meals to the children including nsima, the local staple food, with a protein source and a vegetable, rice porridge made from rice and groundnut flour, or maize soya porridge.  We also serve a snack to the children attending some of the outreach clinics and the Epilepsy clinics.

2013 – 2016:  100+ children fed daily (Rehabilitation Centre, Integrated Preschool and Special Education Centre, 10 Outreach Clinics)

Annual Report

Download a copy of our 2012 Annual Report

Download a copy of our 2013 Annual Report

Download a copy of our 2014 Annual Report

Download a copy of our Annual Report 2015

Download a copy of CoBT’s Annual Report 2016