COBT’s Partners


Lilongwe District Health Office and Area 25 Health Centre medication/specialized food for the Epilepsy and Nutrition Clinics

Partners in Hope:  doctors for the Epilepsy Clinics, HIV/AIDS educator for the Parent Workshops

ABC Community Clinic:  doctors for the Epilepsy Clinic, location for a COBT Outreach Clinic

500 Miles Orthopedic and Prosthetic Centre:  discounted prostheses and orthotics

ARL Malawi:  Equipment Loan Programme

Baylor Centre of Excellent for Children:  confidential HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, assistance with Parent Workshops,

The Rehabilitation Technician School in Blantyre:  CBOT provides students with placement opportunities

Hospitals:  Daeyang Luke Hospital, Nkhoma Mission Hospital, CURE Hospital, Kamuzu Central Hospital, Blessings Hospital

The Rotary Club of Malawi:  wheelchairs

Adziwa Community Based Orphan Care Support Programme

Children of the Nation

Lilongwe Roundtable:  donated 6 bicycles to families of children with disabilities and hosted a Fun Run to raise money.


Thrive Malawi:  provides funding to deliver therapy, educational services, feeding and nutrition programs.

Feed the Children International:  500 kilograms of maize soya porridge every month to feed the children attending programs and for the children in the Nutrition Program

US Ambassadors Small Grants Fund:  funded equipment such as walking frames, wheelchairs, standing frames, specialized chairs, U pillows, harnesses, seatbelts, arm and leg wraps.

Child Care Plus Sponsorship:  198 children were sponsored in 2014 for medical, educational and food services.

University of North Texas School of Physiotherapy:  3 students spent a month working with the children to learn about physiotherapy in developing countries.

Raising Malawi:  Funding for the Pre-school, purchase of Chiponde for the Nutrition program.

UBC Occupational Therapy Faculty:  2 students joined COBT in February to learn about occupational therapy in Malawi.

Bicycles for Humanity:  donated 15 bicycles to families of children with disabilities.